To safeguard the fresh new liberties out-of persons who will be members of a good family: 1

To safeguard the fresh new liberties out-of persons who will be members of a good family: 1

Blog post 68. The fresh steady and you may monogamous connection anywhere between several persons with no most other relationships ties that have a familiar-law family, into lapse of time and you will under the standards and you will situations taken to by-law, should enjoy the exact same liberties and personal debt of these group sure of the formal matrimony ties.

Post 69. In control motherhood and you will fatherhood is going to be fostered; together with parents should be required when deciding to take worry, raise, inform, provide, and provide toward built-in invention and you may safeguards of liberties of their children, especially when he is ily property was approved with regards to count and on the foundation of your requirements and you will restrictions offered for legally. The authority to give in legacy and you may inherit was acknowledged. step 3. The state shall make sure the equivalence out of rights from inside the decision-making towards management of the marital relationship and combined ownership away from possessions. cuatro. The official will manage mothers, dads and those who will be the thoughts away from family relations, on do so of the financial obligation and should pay special attention so you can families who possess separated for reasons uknown. 5. The state should promote new shared responsibility regarding both mother and you may father and you may will display satisfaction of your shared requirements and you can liberties between moms and dads, dads, and kids. six. 7. No declaration of your own quality of new kinship would be necessary during the time of joining brand new delivery without title document will reference the kind of kinship.

Post 70. The official shall set up and apply regulations to attain equality anywhere between gents and ladies, from authoritative system install legally, and you can should conventional the fresh gender approach during the agreements and apps and you can will bring tech guidance because of its mandatory enforcement about social sector.

Article 71. Character, otherwise Pacha Mom, where every day life is reproduced and you will takes place, provides the right to integral value because of its lifestyle and for the maintenance and you can regeneration of their lives time periods, structure, features and evolutionary techniques.

All people, groups, individuals and you may countries is phone call on personal regulators to enforce the newest rights away from character. So you’re able to impose and understand this type of liberties, the rules set forth about Composition are going to be noticed, due to the fact suitable.

It repairs is besides the obligation of County and you will natural individuals or court organizations to compensate some one and communities you to definitely believe affected pure assistance

The state will bring incentives in order to pure individuals and you can legal agencies in order to organizations to protect character and bring esteem to possess most of the issues comprising a planet.

When it comes to those cases of severe or long lasting environmental feeling, along with people for the reason that the fresh exploitation away from nonrenewable sheer info, the state should present the greatest components to own repair and you will shall adopt sufficient procedures to prevent or decrease risky ecological effects.

Post 73. The official should incorporate precautionary and you will limiting strategies into products you to might lead to the brand new extinction out-of types, the damage out-of ecosystems therefore the permanent modification out-of natural schedules.

Post 74. People, organizations, individuals, and you can regions shall have the directly to benefit from the environment as well as the sheer riches helping these to gain benefit from the long way out-of living.

Environment functions shall never be at the mercy of appropriation; the development, birth, play with and advancement can be managed by the County.

De- rights, without any consideration given to kinship otherwise adoption history

Article 75. Everybody else gets the to 100 % free use of justice and the brand new active, unbiased and you may expeditious shelter of the rights and you will welfare, susceptible to the guidelines out of immediate and you can swift enforcement; inside zero instance will truth be told there end up being diminished right security. Failure so you’re able to abide by courtroom rulings might be punishable by law.

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